Snehagiri Church Mala-What You should know

Snehagiri Church Mala. Snehagiri was founded in 1978 as a Charitable and Social Service Society under the guidance and leadership of Fr. Paul Kodiyan CMI (Carmelites of Mary Immaculate). He is the director of Ampazhakad Monastery’s Social Service Department and he did this together with lay representatives from the locality. The grounds for the Snehagiri Housing Plan, the heart of the entire Snehagiri Project, could be acquired through a donation from the Olsberg Parish (Germany) to celebrate Fr. Werner Chakkalackal CMI’s Sacerdotal Silver Jubilee. Today, the education efforts also include preparing students for higher education. Fortunately, online resources make this easier and at Snehagiri, the online  Covcell GED Programs course is used that works wonderfully!

It wasn’t long before the Snehagiri Project became a relatively large organization with numerous activities, so the Directing Board made a request to the Province of Devamatha to set up a CMI center in Snehagiri. St. Theresa Monastery’ prior, in his letter of July 26, requested the Provincial Council to establish a CMI Center at Snehagiri, for which he held unanimous consent from the local synaxis. The CMI Center, a full member of the CMI Devamatha Province, was given the name of Snehagiri Bhavan.

Carmelites of Mary Immaculate, or CMI, is the first and also the largest Catholic Church congregation for men in India. The congregation was founded in Kerala in 1831, and since then it has expanded beyond Kerala’s boundaries to even areas outside …

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School Day In India

Whether you are a student or a parent, the new school year has just begun. This school year, like all others, may bring dread or excitement, or anything in-between. But in India, like in – I guess – all countries, the universal education which offers such a wide range of directions and pathways, is something that’s so often taken for granted. So let’s take a look at what school in India is like. Compared to what we, Americans, are used to, there are quite a few differences, but also a few striking similarities.

The India subcontinent has one of the world’s largest education systems with almost 1.4 million schools and a total student body of more than 240 million. Now let’s put that into perspective. 240 million is twelve ten times the entire population of Florida or New York State! Just like in America or, for example, Australia, the school system in India includes kindergarten and twelve years of study.…

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Yoga and Consciousness today

Yoga (meaning “union” in Sanskrit) is a spiritual technique, a method, a path. It is not a religion but nonetheless, it has a spiritual context.  Historically, going back over two thousand years, the writings of Patanjali – became the authority upon Yoga with his 196 Yoga Sutras setting out the foundations of the Raja form of Yoga.

Structured through a program of bodily and mental self-discipline those who move upon lower levels of consciousness can achieve Samadhi – union with divine consciousness. This is the moment of self-realization through spiritual illumination.

Just look at how the modern era – our information-driven era, in which we live that is forever dominated by notions of power, be it economic or otherwise – is continually fed through media frenzies, war, genocides and general total disrespect for fellow humans, whom along with the rest of nature upon our planet invariably pay the unrelenting price in this ongoing race to material somewhere achievement.…

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10 Tips for Spiritual Growth

The quest for discovering your true self through spiritual growth is usually a long and steady journey. Realizing and becoming conscious of some of the universal truths can be difficult but there are ways that people have successfully gotten ever closer.

True spiritual growth is the basis of a happier more harmonious life with the release of tension, fear, and anxiety. It takes years of training and dedication but it is possible and here are 10 Tips for Spiritual Growth.

1. Read sacred texts, spiritual books, or inspirational stories. Think about what you are reading and how this information could be applied to your life.…

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Use Yoga To Improve Relationships

The main philosophy of yoga is simple: mind, body, and spirit are all one entity that cannot be clearly separated. Each of these components represents the three major building blocks of a relationship: mental attraction, physical attraction, and a personal connection. Practicing yoga helps connect us to our truest selves, and many of the lessons learned on the mat can be applied to our relationships in the real world.

Create a Strong Foundation

In yoga, strong poses are built from a firm and level foundation. As Yoga Journal quotes the old adage, “As the foundation is laid, so the walls of the house will rise.” Although this can take years of practice, it’s always well worth the effort.…

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Harmony Through Education

Harmony Through Education’s mission is to optimize and maximize all resources available to residents of underserved and underprivileged communities in developing countries across the world, focusing particularly on children and families with special needs.

Harmony Through Education (HTE) was founded to support and educate special needs children in rural and impoverished portions of developing nations.  Education enhances development and enables these children to rise above all confines of their isolated positions, to develop their self-esteem and employable skills, and to become sources of pride and joy for their families and communities.…

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A Guide To Meditation

The most important thing is that we come to meditation with an open attitude, an attitude that is truly innocent, by which I mean an attitude that’s not colored by the past, by what we’ve heard about meditation through culture, through media, or through our various spiritual and religious traditions. We need to approach the notion of meditation in a way that is fresh and innocent.

Adyashanti – True Meditation: Discover the Freedom of Pure Awareness

What Is Meditation?

Every once in a while, I’ll write about meditation. Even though I begin where I left off the last time, every post stands on its own and can be read by anyone interested in meditation. Today’s post is an introduction and deals with some of the most frequently-asked-questions about meditation. It’ll give you an idea of what’s to come in the next few months.

So, what’s meditation all about? Meditation has become increasingly popular during the last ten to fifteen years. All kinds of meditation and mindfulness programs are available today.…

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Self Doubt, Self Renewal

When you’re submerged in self-doubt, you feel as though you’re the only one in the world who’s ever come face to face with the demons of uncertainty. You can share this doubt with a friend or spouse, but you’re essentially alone, alone to work through it, to come to a resolution or to live with it until it ebbs away with the passage of time. This feeling of anxiety, fear or apprehension can and does affect all of us at different times in our life.

For the past month or so I had been troubled over the possibility of an unsuccessful business venture. Someone had put their trust and money in me. Things were not working out as I had envisioned and I found myself immersed in doubt. It was Thursday, and I was one day away from a deadline. The anxiety that this had created was becoming all-consuming. I was desperate for an escape hatch.

In general, Friday afternoons have come to represent a celebration. There’s a ritual I’ve followed over the years. I swim in a pool near the ocean then sit in a beach chair near the surf’s edge. I listen to the rhythmic sound of the waves crashing on the shoreline and watch the sun shimmering off the ocean as it drifts toward the horizon. It’s my time to reflect on the week and marvel at the beauty before my eyes.…

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Connection lost, for now

Having recently written a post on the success of the Facebook Connect API, there is some irony in that the unstoppable, social media blue machine have wrongly second-guessed the needs of their audience with the introduction of their new “Reconnect” feature. And let’s face it, they rarely get things wrong.

The feature itself helps individuals to reconnect with past links they may have lost contact with, similar to the current “suggest a friend” tool.

On the surface, this feature looks like one more innovative addition to the Facebook platform, however, they failed to recognize and/or predict that lost connections are not simply accidental phenomena but can be rational decisions.

Given the current convenience and ease of contacting people on the current (perfectly fine) platform, it seems strange for the Facebook team, with all their genius and expertise, to commit such a schoolboy error.…

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Blessings That Come Hidden in Rejection

Rejection. Failure. Losing. Nobody strives for this. There’s not one athlete that’s setting out to lose, there’s no entrepreneur whose goal it is to go bankrupt. But like some act of heavenly mercy, there is a lot of positives found in negatives, and successful people actually often are preaching the Gospel that value is to be found in failure.

Denis Waitley expressed this so well. He said: ‘Failure is supposed to be our teacher and in no way our undertaker. Failure is merely delay, in no way defeat. Failure is a short detour, in no way a dead end street. Failure is a phenomenon that can only be avoided if we say nothing, do nothing and are nothing.’

Successful persons’ marks lie in how they respond to negative situations. They are licking their wounds yet don’t quit the battlefield. They will find strength through their scars. Check out the following six blessings to soften and deal with failure, losing, and rejection.

You can clarify all your passions

A lot of people are struggling with making decisions. People creative minds usually are having their hand in multiple projects, but even jacks-of-all-trades understand that there are limits as to how thin you’ll be able to spread yourself.…

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Faith in Public

We had our first events for the book this weekend, the first at my church, St. Francis Xavier, where several parishioners and a few students of mine listened to me read the introduction to Faith. We end that piece — the only dual-authored section of the book — with this thought about the conversation that the book creates as we alternate stories back and forth:

“Our hope is that in sharing this conversation, in appearing in public as faithful friends, we might also begin to hear other stories and participate in other conversations of belief, disbelief, hope, doubt, and the eternal desire to learn and do the will of God. We still long to find and please God. And we know were better off trying to do this together.”…

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